Friday, November 6, 2009

Yippee, I have finished!

I didn't think I would make it, especially as this time of the year is sooooo busy with marking, reports etc. I have learnt heaps but I do need to go back and spend some extra time playing around with a few applications that really appealed to me. BYE FOR NOW

#22 & #23 Ebooks & Audiobooks

NO matter what, REAL books are by far better than ebooks but I do have some ebooks on my iPhone and the advantage is that I can have several books stored on it and access them any time, especially if I am stuck waiting somewhere and wishing I had brought a book! I do get very tired reading text on a screen regardles of the size but ebooks are good for students who are visually impaired. Audiobooks are also great to listen to in the car. For classroom use they are good for improving students' listening skills and can be more interesting (due to character voices etc) than just reading a book. I think that students have the potential to extract a lot more meaning from an audio book than a standard one.

More online video stuff

I obviously didn't read the instructions properly for this week. So I have now included a link to a Geography video I found on teachertube. I think I might use this next year for my itro Geog class.

#21 Online video cont'd

A quirky video about the GFC and sub-prime mortgages. Only a commerce teacher could love this!

#21 Online video

I am a fan of youtube especially for music videos. I have spent hours searching for (&, thankfully, finding) clips of songs I haven't heard for a while. The problem with youtube is that there is a lot of rubbush to trawl through to get to the good videos and some of the content is entirely inappropriate but I have learned to shuck oysters, my son has found out how to build a miniature skate ramp and I have found and used some excellent footage on global warming.

#20 Podcasts

I have used podcasts for some time now and thankfully the quality is improving as time goes on. I have downloaded some from iTunes and have listened to a few from the ABC website. They are great for students who are auditory learners.

#19 Rollyo

I have created a searchroll and it was actually quite easy to set up. I found that Rollyo is like Delicious in some ways but I prefer Delicious. Classroom applications are many and varied although, if I only wanted students to use certain websites and no others there is supervision software available that can do this as well.