Monday, October 19, 2009

#17 Delicious

How delicious! I have had a Delicious account for a year or so and , whilst I haven't used it for a while (because I couldn't add sites at work) I think the concept is fantastic. I have set up different categories and topic areas containing web links for different groups of students (e.g. Geography, Commerce students). I really need to get back into using this at school as I think it has great potential. My Delicious account is at: It is quite basic at the moment but I promise to expand it in the near future.

#16 Subscribing to some blogs

After setting up Google Reader and adding some RSS feeds, I then added some RSS feeds to my iGoogle page. I also added a couple of blogs to my iGoogle page. Since I enjoy reading bizarre and interesting snippits of information I subscribed to Lifehacker, which is a blog on all things new, weird and wonderful. I can see that using RSS feeds could save me a lot of timewasting waiting for websites to download when I only want to access a small part of the site each time. I hope to continue using these feeds, mainly for personal use at this stage until I do more exploring to see what is 'out there'.

#Activity 15 RSS feeds

Well, setting up Google Reader was very easy. I have subscribed to a few feeds - mainly news websites. I can see a good application for RSS feeds, especially for a subject like Commerce. I could have feeds from financial sites showing me updates in exchange rates, etc.