Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week 2 Activity #4

Having read a number of the articles suggested for this Activity, I have now been suffocated with technobabble. Overall, I think “Web 2.0” is a term that has been grabbed by media and blown up into something that sounds revolutionary. In actual fact, I think it just part of the natural evolution of the web from its early state (clunky and inflexible in parts) into something more streamlined, user-friendly and user-determined. Does it even have to have a name? As a Commerce teacher I know how important a catchy name or logo is. What happens when the next “shift” happens? The term ‘Web 3.0’ just won’t cut it!

As an educator involved in helping to equip students for a future I don’t know about and jobs that don’t exist yet, Web 2.0 is an indicator of where things are heading. The $100 question is “how do we best use Web 2.0 in our teaching/learning?”. With so much information at their fingertips, we need to ensure that our students have the ability to extract the best information from the Web and to use their literacy skills to creatively use features such as blogs etc. It is quite overwhelming but exciting at the same time.

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